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Futurama Loteria

For some reason I have been really cranking them out lately. Not sure why or how I have the energy after work, but I’m just going with it. Some people may not know about La Loteria cards from Mexico. It might be more of a common thing in Southern California. But i had these things ever since I was a little kid going on Family vacations to Tijuana. Yes we vacationed in TJ, that was back before it was officially declared a 3rd World hell hole. Back when you could get your picture on a donkey painted like a zebra without being shot in a drug deal gone bad or attacked by a 3 legged dog. If you’d like to familiarize yourself we these awesome cards take a look at this link.

Over time things got a little too PC,  #25 and more obviously #26 are not really included anymore in the set. But anyway, Futurama rocks, and I’m happy to include it in my arsenal of Pop. Enjoy.

Alive & Jive

I was actually surprised by how many people remembered this awesome old school show. This nameless trio rocked the rotating house in the finale to “America Sings” at Disneyland. Well at least we have Innoventions. :/

If you want to relive these groovy guys through the miracle of YouTube skip to 6:16. Let the Burl Ives goodness flow through your veins.

“So we should all remember,

as history moves along

that everything is better now

because someone wrote a song.”

Out A Time

Serious Shit.

It’s pretty much a nerd requirement to be into Back to the Future. I never got to see the first one in the theaters, but fell in love with it on the ol’ VCR. And by the time part II and III came out I was certifiably obsessed with the Trilogy. I seem to recall a lot of haters of the 2nd one, complainers thinking it was too confusing. Lame. And some knuckleheads even hated on all the cowboy stuff. I for one LOVE part II and even III. And the way the last movie ends gave it the perfect ending. Mostly because of little Vern being dirty, I mean seriously, have you seen that?? I highly recommend you Google that now. And yes, I admit i never saw it until the YouTube thing pointed it out.

But i digress, I chose this scene to paint because it’s what started it all in Twin/Lone Pines Mall parking lot. BTTF rocks, plain and simple, and I can’t wait to see what they do in 2015 to celebrate. Probably set the Universal Hill Valley set on fire again.

And just for the record Claudia Wells>Elisabeth Shue. Fact.