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My Oh My

Rat Trap is turning into being a big success. If you are in the hood this weekend, we will be open this Weekend, May 19 & 20, Saturday and Sunday, Noon until 5pm. As for my stuff, I had a collection of old and new in this show. I premiered 3 new pieces for this show, all of which I was pretty stoked to have in it. The first one was a painting of everyone’s favorite Cast Member, Maynard. The next was that Ghostbusters/Mansion mash up. And then there is this Gal, a pin up of one of the Park’s Tour Guides. Let’s call her Lily.  I’ve always seen them as the “school girls” of the Park, so it was a natural fit. Hopefully I’m not alone on that thought. I gave her some dorky Disney nerd tats and details that tied to the Park, basically had a lot of fun with it. It’s a mix of acrylic on canvas and graphic design for the text. I sold out of prints from the show of this piece but just reloaded. Let me know if you anyone is interested. $20 bucks each. You can email me or click here. Enjoy.

Beware of Hitchhiking Ghostbusters

It was the perfect marriage. Ghosts & Ghostbusting. And if you are doing a pop art tribute to Disneyland, this had to be a part of it. I’m not sure where the idea came from, but I am just surprised it hasn’t been done yet. I’ve wanted to do something with it for a while. Attraction Posters for the Parks have always been one of my favorite things. So are the The Haunted Mansion and Ghostbusters. So it was good times to mash the two up. This piece proved pretty popular at the Rat Trap show last Saturday, I sold out of the prints I had for the night. but good news. There is more where that came from. If you are interested in getting a print Email me at or click here.

13″ x 20″ print goes for $25.

13″ x 20″ stretched canvas giclee $75

18″ x 24″ print goes for $50

18″ x 24″ stretched canvas giclee is $200

Plus tax and shipping. If you want some other size, email me and we’ll figure out a good price. Thanks to all the interest on it, it’s a fun piece. One of my favorites. Hard not to be when it combines my 2 favorite things. Thanks to Ricky from Inside the Magic for the plug. Any new visitors, I hope you check back often, I always try to crank out new art. One of the hardest things about painting is coming up with good idea. So if you have an awesome idea, let me know. So what say you? You like?

Rat Trap Opening Night

Not gonna lie, last Saturday’s opening night reception was a lot of fun. If you made it out, hopefully you had a good time too. My apologies about the lack of air conditioning. That is just one of the many learnings from “Fisher Price: My First Gallery”. If you are new to this I’ll recap. The Rat Trap is an unofficial tribute show with 22 artists participating in a Pop Art “celebrity roast” of Orange County’s most famous local hang out, Disneyland. We set up shop for this one at the Promenade Gallery in Anaheim. Although not all the pieces ended up being a jab at Walt’s original Magic Kingdom, everything came out awesome. Thanks to everyone who contributed kick ass art. Thanks to Kelly for letting us know about the space. Thanks to Batchy for being my (life) partner in crime. Thanks to the family and friends who helped bring a little sanity and order to the operation. And thanks to all the visitors who wandered into this experiment we call the Rat Trap. The show was a huge success, if you missed opening night you have a few more chances to check it out. Check the Facebook page for exact dates and times.