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Rat Trap After Thoughts

I realize some time has passed since the Rat Trap show closed, but I wanted to do a little post show report. First of all, thanks to everyone who came out and supported us. And thanks to everyone that bought some originals and prints. As for the prints, for those who ordered anything I’ll be putting them in the mail this week. Plus I  was blown away with the on line response to some of the pieces. Lot’s of that is due to Ricky Brigante’s Inside the Magic Pod Cast & the Ghostbusters Fans Facebook page. Thank you so much for that exposure. Over all the show was a huge success and we are all stoked to do something again soon. In fact we have the same gallery space reserved for February 2013 and August 2013. The proposed theme for the February show next year is “SteamPOP”. It’s Pop Culture Steam Punk show. It’ll have everything from Star Wars to Back to the Future, and most likely every other nerd property out there. Stay tuned for some call to entry announcements later this year, if you’re interested in showing. The really cool news is we will having this show as part of the Anaheim Art Crawl again for each show. The plan is to get a couple of spots in front of the gallery and set up some booths to expand the show and get more art on the wall.  We learned a lot of stuff from the last show, and having a booth in front was one of them. In August 2012, our time in the space falls on the same weekend as the huge Disney event D23. So we are batting around the idea of having Rat Trap 2. There is endless material and inspiration so that might actually happen.

At the same time as those 2 shows are lined up, I am currently looking for a Gallery Space to finally do a solo show. I have an arsenal of Pop Art that is jonesin’ to find a home somewhere soon. Ideally late August would be good for that, but we will see what actually works out.