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Rock’n Roll Santa, Baby

Just bearly in time for Christmas. The Country Bear Jamboree Christmas Special at Disneyland was always a holiday tradition until the Attraction got ripped out in 2001. At least it still lives on in cyber space. This is the kind of Disneyland retro goodness that I love. A lot of the nostalgia from the Park comes from the 50’s & 60’s. And most of that may be awesome but for me it’s all about the 70’s & 80’s. It’s full of untapped inspirado for cool pop art. And I am sure it has nothing to do that I was born in 1977.

Head to 6:30 to check out Liver Lips McGrowl as Rock’n Roll Santa Baby. ( Or just enjoy the whole dang thing, classic Christmas goodness )


Spoof Pop Art of Austin Powers Mike Meyers

I’m really glad “The Love Guru” blew chunks because it would be next to impossible to work that movie in here. But who am I kidding, these are the 2 Mike Myers characters that he will always be known for. And maybe I am the only one, but I am so ready for an Austin Power’s 4. And it needs to take place in the early 80’s. Punk Rock scene of London, but i digress. I wanted to do something with Mike Myers that showed Wayne’s World & Austin Powers somehow in a mash up. There was a great Han Solo/Indiana Jones I saw recently and I think that lit a fire under me to knock this out. Thanks for the inspiration. William O’Neill. I know there has got to be a name for this piece but my brain is too fried at the moment. Anyone got any ideas?? Hope you think it’s excellent, …baby.

And just for the hell of it, here ya go.