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“Attack of the Womp Rat” Featuring Princess Leia – Star Wars

The fabulous Amy Kaplan just had her “All Pinned Up” show at Rothick last night. The show featured different artist’s take on pin up artist Gil Elvgren. Thanks for letting me a part of it! Here is my piece for the show, titled “Attack of the Womp Rat”. Naturally based on the idea that Princess Leia wanted a little R&R between battles on Tatooine, most likely near Beggar’s Canyon. Enjoy.
"Attack of the Womp Rat"


And here is the original piece that mine is based on.

Gil Elgren




Lewis & Gilbert Strike Back – Revenge of the Nerds

I was lucky enough to be a part of another show with Chogrin and Bottleneck Gallery in New York. This one was called “It came from 1984”, based on any movie from that year. Way too many to pick from, but rather than picking one that was super main stream I went for one that was not a big but one of my favs. (and one I definitely related to) This was the scene that captures it’s essence in all it’s nerd glory. Hope you like it.

Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds