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BURTON SHOW preview #1

As we get closer to the Burton Show, look for some teasers from myself and other POPzilla artists. The show opens NOV 1 at Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim and if you have ever been to one of our opening night receptions you know it is not to be missed. The goal of POPzilla is to bring the vibe of the LA POP art shows to Orange Country, and I think we’re getting pretty damn good at it. The Burton Show is sure to be one, if not THE best show we’ve ever done. Help us get the word out, tell your friends and we will see you there.

Día De Los Rey Calabaza

Sam Carter Art SHIRTS!

I’ve been trying to get my art placed on shirts for years. Well, the stars finally aligned, and I can finally offer shirts . There are two prints of mine in particular that I want to start this new offering with; Hitchhiking Ghostbusters and Back to the Oregon Trail. And that is just for starters, over the next few weeks I will be premiering more. Is there one that you have in mind? EMAIL me and let me know, I’ll make it happen.
Back To The Oregon Trail Hitchhiking Ghostbusters Shirt

Popeye – A Tribute Art Show

Chogrin Popeye Show Poster

It’s been a while since I posted some art, the day job has been swallowing me alive. But I was able to find time to be a part of a ridiculously awesome art show that opened last night at the Hero Complex Gallery. I was seriously honored to have my stuff hanging on the wall with some of my favorite artists. Then you go and add the Popeye theme, and I’m a happy guy. Congrats Chogrin for another amazing show. Check out all the art here

And here is my contribution to the show, enjoy!

"Oh Popeye" Sam Carter