Futurama Loteria

For some reason I have been really cranking them out lately. Not sure why or how I have the energy after work, but I’m just going with it. Some people may not know about La Loteria cards from Mexico. It might be more of a common thing in Southern California. But i had these things ever since I was a little kid going on Family vacations to Tijuana. Yes we vacationed in TJ, that was back before it was officially declared a 3rd World hell hole. Back when you could get your picture on a donkey painted like a zebra without being shot in a drug deal gone bad or attacked by a 3 legged dog. If you’d like to familiarize yourself we these awesome cards take a look at this link.

Over time things got a little too PC,  #25 and more obviously #26 are not really included anymore in the set. But anyway, Futurama rocks, and I’m happy to include it in my arsenal of Pop. Enjoy.

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