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The American Adventure

Happy belated 4th of July! I had hoped to put this up on Monday for the Holiday, but turns out I was doing my duty as an American and getting roasted on the edge of a pool all day. There is a good chance most people from California have no idea what this painting is. For those who do know what this is, congrats,  you did not fall asleep in my favorite attraction at Walt Disney World. Besides being a comfy theater to take a nap on your American “layover” from drinking around the world at Epcot, this unbelievable show is always a highlight for me. Just once I want to get backstage there and see how this thing works. Last time I went to Epcot I noticed there isn’t a lot, if any, of custom art for that Park like we have out here. Hopefully that will someday change and this piece can be offered out there. Hope you like it.

And just in case you are curious, here is the finale scene that inspired this painting. Skip to 4:16 for Ben & Mark.