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In honor of my first booth ever at this year’s San Diego Comic Con next week, I’m premiering a new set of Ghostbusters Silhouettes. If you were hoping to get a hold of them before they’re unleashed down there, they are in my store TODAY ONLY! Get ’em while they’re hot!!

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Some kids were raised on things like BarneyCaptain KangarooMister Rogers. Ya, I had my taste of those things too but I was raised on this movie. I was quoting Caddyshack before I knew what the words I was saying actually meant. Some of the more colorful phrases were heard coming out of my mouth, and after my cousin’s wife told my mom what Varmint Poontang actually was I learned a valuable lesson. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Anyway, this movie might be the most quoted movie of all time, it’s up there with Anchorman for sure. A definite classic. If you’re into this movie and haven’t seen the DVD extra feature about the making of it, DO SO NOW. I consider this Rodney Dangerfield’s best work, and I don’t think Chevy has ever been cooler that Ty Webb, although Fletch comes pretty damn close.