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I’m not gonna lie, I have been bullshitting about doing a Calendar of my paintings for a long, long time. I’ve even tried to get other artists to work with me and do a collection of paintings for Calendar too, and no dice. There are so many good themes to do one with and I am lucky enough to had done enough art with a movie theme to put something great together. So this is it, I’ve been working on the graphics in what little free time I had since summer. And I am hoping people respond to it well. Maybe it’ll be a new tradition to knock one out every year at this time. But that is up to you guys.

So here is the Holiday plug… If you know someone who is in to classic cult movies like “Vacation”, “Back to the Future” or “Three Amigos” and want to give them something truly unique for Christmas, this is your gift. Especially if it is someone who doesn’t shut up from quoting “Anchorman”, “Caddyshack” or “Ghostbusters”, this is the gift for them. I put together a collection my paintings mixed with some movie tie-in graphics for each month. Each painting has been inspired from my favorite movies, some I grew up watching as a kid and know religiously, as well as some new favorites. The size of the Calendar is 10″ wide by 18″ long, and has a black high quality spiral binding at the top. I didn’t F around with this, it is just like something you would by in the store. I’m really proud of how this came out and if this is your thing, I think you would really enjoy it.

Ordering is easy, follow this link, or just email me at They are $25 each plus tax. And shipping is $5 bucks anywhere in the country. And if you order multiple I’ll cut you a deal, just ask. Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think!


Some kids were raised on things like BarneyCaptain KangarooMister Rogers. Ya, I had my taste of those things too but I was raised on this movie. I was quoting Caddyshack before I knew what the words I was saying actually meant. Some of the more colorful phrases were heard coming out of my mouth, and after my cousin’s wife told my mom what Varmint Poontang actually was I learned a valuable lesson. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Anyway, this movie might be the most quoted movie of all time, it’s up there with Anchorman for sure. A definite classic. If you’re into this movie and haven’t seen the DVD extra feature about the making of it, DO SO NOW. I consider this Rodney Dangerfield’s best work, and I don’t think Chevy has ever been cooler that Ty Webb, although Fletch comes pretty damn close.