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Oink Oink, my good man!

Clark Griswold, the typical American asshole.

This is my 2nd piece based off the National Lampoon Vacation Series, first one was this guy with Marty Moose and the Family Truckster. I didn’t plan on doing one from each series, but eventually it is bound to happen. I almost did something from Xmas Vacation for a Christmas card last year and will probably do it next Christmas. And I may be the only pers0n who actually enjoys Vegas Vacation. Surprisingly very quotable. But as for this for European Vacation, it started out as the whole Griswold family in pig suits, but it slowly morphed into a Super Mario vibe, from when he dressed as a squirrel in part 3. And I knew I wanted to give it a circle of stars from the European flag and this was the end result, surprisingly it all came together. Hope you like it, enjoy.

17″ x 17″ print, $20. Hit me up if interested.

Park’s Closed

While cranking out the previous Vacation painting, I was putting texture on the antlers of Marty Moose and thought a skull version of him might be kind of cool. So Messing around on Photoshop a little bit later I came up with this. In case you are wondering , yes those guns both are Magnum P.I.s. They will put your eye out. It could get under the skin and cause a very serious infection.


Some kids were raised on things like BarneyCaptain KangarooMister Rogers. Ya, I had my taste of those things too but I was raised on this movie. I was quoting Caddyshack before I knew what the words I was saying actually meant. Some of the more colorful phrases were heard coming out of my mouth, and after my cousin’s wife told my mom what Varmint Poontang actually was I learned a valuable lesson. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Anyway, this movie might be the most quoted movie of all time, it’s up there with Anchorman for sure. A definite classic. If you’re into this movie and haven’t seen the DVD extra feature about the making of it, DO SO NOW. I consider this Rodney Dangerfield’s best work, and I don’t think Chevy has ever been cooler that Ty Webb, although Fletch comes pretty damn close.

Three Amigos

“Arizona moon keep shining
From the desert sky above
You know pretty soon
That big yellow moon
Will light the way back to the one you love.

Blue shadows on the trail
Little cowboy, close your eyes and dream
All of the doggies are in the corral
All of your work is done
Just close your eyes and dream little pal
Dream of someone

Boom boom boom boom…

Blue shadows on the trail
Soft wind blowing through the trees above
All the other little cowboys
Back in the bunkhouse now, so
Close your eyes and dream”

Since I am doing a series of Cult Cinema paintings, “Three Amigos” MUST be a part of it. It’s easily one of my favorite movies and I felt this scene sums the whole thing up for me. It’s funny, sincere, and completely ridiculous. Remember when these 3 guys were funny? I miss those days. It would be nice to have another painting go with this, maybe a portrait of El Guapo, and of course his sweater. We’ll see what gets pumped out in the next couple of weeks. It’s been really nice to finish this painting. I started it in September. Work picked up in a big way this Fall and sucked all of my free time for painting. I think this summer was some kind of record for me on how many pieces I cranked out. I am hoping the next few weeks I will be able to pick up the pace a bit with some new art.

Update on Gallery, looks like this March might work out for a show in Long Beach. Stay tuned for that. Also, if anyone is interested in a reproduction of this one ( or any of these paintings ) be sure to let me know. I am testing the desire of making lithos of my work.

Thanks for checking out the site, and being patient for this long awaited update.

“….Good night Ned”