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DLR Double Park Map

Here is a little something new for my blog. I want to start including things I do for work as an Art Specialist at Disneyland. Not so much as part of my personal Art Gallery, but more about having an online portfolio. Ironically part of the reason I did this double park map last summer was to get it into The Disney Gallery on Main Street. I know if I ever saw a map like this I would buy one. And I think a lot of others would do the same, it’s something that’s never been offered at the Resort. Well, long story short I talked to some people about having it sold in the Park. The good people in Merchandise loved it until they found out I was not a salaried cast member. Queue the “Price is Right FAIL” sound. Apparently it has to do with legal reasons. So, at this point I just keep it as part of my portfolio until I have a salaried position. I think of it on deck to be in the stores until I get a higher position with the Company. Currently there are 2 large 10′ x 10′ prints of these maps backstage for Guests who go through the Disney Performing Arts program. The original piece was painted last Summer, it took about a month and a half to paint on a 3′ x 3′ wood panel. If people can’t see it in stores, at least they can take a gander of it here on my site. Enjoy.