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One Little Spark

After teasing this art for a few months, I’m excited to finally show off this piece. It will be part of the SteamPOP premiere being held tomorrow night at the Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim. Doors open at 6pm, hope to see you there. There is a good chance most people wont know what this is, and that’s ok. This is based off a long gone Attraction from EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World. However this version of the Dreamfinder has a steam punk over lay. I have always wanted to do something steam punk based on EPCOT, and with this show came a great opportunity for that. Also in this version since we were doing a new take on it, I thought it would be cool to make his sidekick Figment (the little purple dragon) a little more menacing. The part I really enjoyed doing was giving him a slightly twisted vibe. Since he is all about YOUR imagination, I tried to make him feel like he is out on a mission “hunting” for your Imagination. Don’t worry, he will give you back your brain, when he is done with it.