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PIXEL HEARTS! at Gallery1988

From Chogrin's PIXEL HEARTS at Gallery1988

Stoked to be in another Gallery1988 show. This time as art of Chogrin’s PIXEL Hearts. It’s an original tribute to video game culture where 100+ artists each do a piece inspired by their favorite video game. Each piece is on a contour cut 12″ x 12″ wooded pixel heart. Show is up and runs until Feb 20th. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Thanks to the other artists, Chogrin and to the fine folks at Gallery1988 for all they do. Since doing the POPzilla shows, I know how insane it could get putting these types of things together. Bravo, people. See you in the next one.

Sam Carter "Dirk & Daphne" Wood Print

Pixel Hearts Tumblr

Pixel Hearts Gallery1988



Gallery 1988’s “Is This Thing On? 2”

This weekend was the opening of Gallery 1988’s “Is This Thing On? 2” Last year’s was phenomenal, and this year was just as fun. Big thanks to Jensen and Katie for letting me play with the big kids. And good news, my piece sold opening night! And thanks to my Pals that came out, good times. But no more words, I’ll let the pix speak for the night. Show runs until March 31. I insist you go check it out, and maybe buy something. Support the arts yo.

Gallery 1988 Crazy 4 Cult 5


Last Friday I was able to make it out to the opening night of Gallery 1988’s Crazy 4 Cult 5 in LA. First off I need to say that, no, sadly I did not have any art in this show. But I wanted to put this on my site because this show is one of the reasons why I do what i do. My first time experiencing this type of art was at Gallery 1988’s Crazy 4 Cult 2. It basically blew my mind, and it was everything I wanted to paint but didn’t have any motivation to do so. Then I see a collection like this, it instantly lit a fire under my ass to work on stuff that I enjoyed. Instant inspiration. It’s partly responsible for the rampage I have been on for the past few years. I get that it’s not for everybody, but for the few that see some art from a movie that they grew up with, love or quote on a daily basis it’s a real good time. I put up a few pix of some that really kicked my ass. Besides being just creative and funny, there is a real level of talent and expertise in some of these interpretations. If you have never been there, go check it out. This show runs until July 30th. Afterward you can wait 2 hours in line for a hot dog from Pinks across the street. Thanks to Jensen and Katie for having another kick ass show, always a highlight of the summer.

And just because it’s awesome, I thought I would plug their new book that just came out this weekend too. Of course I bought one. And if you dig this kind of stuff it is a must have.


3B coverage by Steve Czarnecki from

I just realized I didn’t put this video from on the site yet. It’s pretty outstanding.  Thanks again Steve, it was great meeting you.

The 3B Show “It’s Showtime!”

May 5th at first seemed so far away, but it came and went. The whole night seemed like it was about 10 minutes long. Thanks to everyone who made the long haul up to Venice. Thanks to Oscar for grabbing the folks from to get me an interview. Thanks to Steve Czarnecki for hooking it up on the BTTF website. It was awesome to finally meet the curator Joseph, AKA Chogrin, thanks for letting me a part of 3B, I keep wondering what 3 movies could be done next year. I really hope to do more shows with him and the talented group at the Autumn Society. I got asked to be a part of their next show “Shell Shock”, in Philadelphia. It’s themed to the one and only TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. I’ve wanted to be in a Gallery 1988 show since I first checked it out at the 2nd Crazy For Cult on Melrose in 2008. I hope this is the first of many more shows like this for me. They always have the best collection of Pop Artists, each with their own style and vibe. I love everything about it. A truly, most excellent evening.

The Autumn Society & Gallery 1988 present 3B

It was going to be hard to top a show like last years’s 3G. ( Ghostbusters, Gremlins & Goonies ) As a fan of all 3 of those movies and a fan of Gallery 1988 this show was a blast and a real inspiration for me to crank out some art in the following year. So the second I heard about this years 3B show I got a little excited, not just because I’m a huge fan of Back to the Future, Bill & Ted’s and Beetlejuice, but because i knew i needed to be a part of this. Luckily The Autumn Society thought so too. I am so stoked to be a part of 3B. I really hope everyone gets out to Venice to check out the all the art that these people brought together. If you can’t wait until May 5th to check out a sneak peak of some of the artwork that will be on display, hop in you virtual DeLorean and/or phone booth and check out The Autumn Society‘s website.

As for my art in the 3B show, I went the pin up route. Why not, right? I hope you like them. The first one featured Jennifer, Marty’s girlfriend from the original Back to the Future. Not that I dislike Elizabeth Shue, but I just think the first one was hotter. I call this painting “Oh La La”.

The 2nd entry was for someone a little random but very memorable. It’s a diptych of our friend who was cut in half from what I have to assume was a magician’s saw trick gone bad. I call my Beetlejuice entry “Hack Job”.

And as for my “Bill & Ted’s” entry, I have this double pin up of the two princesses from the Renaissance period that Rufus brought back to our most excellent heroes. I was playing with the idea of what would life for these two hotties be like if they got to live in San Dimas in the 80’s. But the part about this painting that I had a really good time with just was the icons for each of the fellow time travelers along the boarder.

After checking out just some of the kick ass entries that the other artists have turned in, I am convinced this show will blow people away. Even more so if you kinda like these 3 flicks. And if you love these 3 flicks like I do, then it is certainly not to be missed. I’m really excited and proud to part of such a talented group. Thanks to those who let me be a part of it. See you in Venice!!!

For info on how to get there check out this link.