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Oink Oink, my good man!

Clark Griswold, the typical American asshole.

This is my 2nd piece based off the National Lampoon Vacation Series, first one was this guy with Marty Moose and the Family Truckster. I didn’t plan on doing one from each series, but eventually it is bound to happen. I almost did something from Xmas Vacation for a Christmas card last year and will probably do it next Christmas. And I may be the only pers0n who actually enjoys Vegas Vacation. Surprisingly very quotable. But as for this for European Vacation, it started out as the whole Griswold family in pig suits, but it slowly morphed into a Super Mario vibe, from when he dressed as a squirrel in part 3. And I knew I wanted to give it a circle of stars from the European flag and this was the end result, surprisingly it all came together. Hope you like it, enjoy.

17″ x 17″ print, $20. Hit me up if interested.

Park’s Closed

While cranking out the previous Vacation painting, I was putting texture on the antlers of Marty Moose and thought a skull version of him might be kind of cool. So Messing around on Photoshop a little bit later I came up with this. In case you are wondering , yes those guns both are Magnum P.I.s. They will put your eye out. It could get under the skin and cause a very serious infection.