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Jolly Hipster Holiday

Jolly Hipster Holiday

This was definitely a Poppins filled winter, mostly due to “Saving Mr Banks”. (which was AWESOME) And I am always down to do something based on her. It’s one of the movies I was raised on. You know, Caddyshack, Blues Brothers, Cheech and Chong and…. Mary Poppins. I came up with the idea to see something with Mary and Bert in a modern day world, throw in a little hipster and this was the out come. And naturally I wanted to try to squeeze in as many references from the film in as possible. Hence the kite, bird, umbrella, chalk, penguin socks, etc. And sorry P.L. Travers, in my version Bert and Mary DO have the hots for each other.

Hope you like it.

Scary Poppins

I’ve been pretty busy with work lately, so it’s been a while since I had been able to get some painting done. The idea from this piece came to me after watching Bansky’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. I was blown away by how some of the street artists combined the most random things. So later that night this little mash-up came to me. I had the idea on deck while I worked on my 3B and Turtle pieces. So once that was finished and work calmed down I was finally able to work on this over Memorial Day Weekend. After I finished it, it started giving me a little Dia de los Muertos vibe to it. Totally not part of the plan but I’ll just call it a happy accident. And needless to say this painting could be the movie poster for the Scary Mary You Tube trailer. Just in case you haven’t seen it, check it out.