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The Son of Muppet

Last Saturday night I was thinking about what I should paint next. I have a few things in progress, but wanted something in between. I have always enjoyed stuff based off famous paintings and René Magritte’s “The Son of Man” has been askin for it for a while. At first I thought what else would be good with an apple, and Snow White came to mind. This is when Google is your friend, so I do a search and sure enough it’s been done. Figures, it makes sense. Besides, everything has been done. So I thought about plugging Mario/mushroom in, OF COURSE it’s been dine already. But I didn’t want to toss out the urge and momentum to get something new painted so I landed on this idea of Fozzie and a tomato. It’s a miracle, it didn’t come up. So I went for it.

For those who weren’t dragged through Art class here is the original and a little backstory on WTF?