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The Usual Suspects of DL

This is an something I started about 3 years ago and let sit for a while. In between my newer paintings I like to update the site with some of my older stuff. I figured it was time to get this one on here in more detail. What I like about this is that it is not finished, and hopefully wont be. There are a few more of the randoms that I would like to do a little 5″ x 5″ canvas block painting of. I think the characters that I want to go after is something that represents an attraction of some sort at the Park. I was trying to stay away from the main characters that have attractions based around them, but in some cases I couldn’t not use them. Indy and Dumbo for example, compared to the goat eating dynamite and Elliot. Some of the others that I have on deck would be Gadget (from her Go-Coaster), a shrunken Wayne Szalinski in his flying machine, a random Small World doll (not sure which one), Trader Sam, Benny the Cab, etc. Any other ideas of what might be good?