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Ay Dios Beatles

I’m really stoked to be a part of the Iconoclastic Dead Show in Mexico City. If you weren’t able to make it out there to check it out, no problemo. I’m selling prints and box canvas reproductions of my Dia De Los Muertos piece. Prints are $25 bucks and the highly recommended box canvas reproductions are $80. Check out the Autumn Society page for a ton of great art from the Mexico show, Thanks again for letting me be a part of it. Looking forward to the next one.


Check out a video from the opening, fun stuff.


It’s been a while since a post but not for lack of wanting to update. Lot’s of work and lot’s of stuff going on. Including moving, so as soon as I get my new pad all hooked up we should see some more new pieces on the site. I have a few ideas on deck that I’m really excited about working on. Including a Calendar in time for Christmas, but more on that next time. But in honor of this weekends kick ass Iconoclastic Dead show in Mexico City, I wanted to share the poster by Chogrin. Needless to say I am really excited about this show, and bummed I wont be in Mexico City to see it. But if anyone is in the area you must go to the Guru Gallery and check it out. And look for my piece based on Sgt Pepper. Original and prints available, hit me up if interested!

Beatles de los Muertos

So excited for this show! I knew right away if I was ever going to do a Dia De Los Muertos painting of anyone it would be the Beatles, and for some reason I also knew it would be Sgt. Pepper. I suppose it’s just the colors of the uniforms. But whatever the reason I am very happy with how it came out. This was painted for The ICONOCLASTIC DEAD show which starts October 1st, and runs for 6 weeks at the Guru Gallery in Mexico City. Sadly I will not make it in person, but will sure as hell be looking for any kind of coverage on it. This show is another fabulous offering from Chogrin and the good people at the Autumn Society. Big thanks to them and to German Orozco for letting me be a part of this one. I hope to sell this piece durring the show.  The original 12″ x 16″ painting comes framed for $550, prints are also 12″ x 16″, going for $35. Let me know if you are interested. I think this will be a popular piece. Hope everyone digs it. Drop me a line below and let me know what you think.


8-Bit Champions

This poster rocks and I had to share it, courtesy of Glen Brogan (Albino Raven)  It’s for the upcoming Autumn Society 8-Bit Champions show in Paris, France. But I’m sure you figured that out.  Might I add that it is my first International Art Show, not too shabby. Stay tuned for more info and coverage. I’m really stoked to be a part of this one.

One Shell of a Show

Last weekend the Autumn Society opened their much anticipated show, SHELL SHOCK, at the Gallery at Brave New Worlds Comics in Philadelphia. The bad news is I couldn’t make it out there, but the good news is there has been a lot of good pictures and some great coverage for this show. Not many art shows could handle the awesomeness of having the TMNT Van show up, props to Brittney Schneck. Thanks to the real heroes in the half shell Chogrin, the good people at Brave New World, and the Autumn Society for putting this show together. For this one I didn’t send any prints along with the original to sell. But if anyone wants a print of my Shell Shock entry “Raising Shell” I’m selling them here on my site for $20, plus shipping. The print has all 4 Shells on a 13″ x 17″ image. Email me if you are interested.

Photos by Chogrin Munoz, Matt Cavanaugh and Philip Michael.

Raising Shell



At first when I heard about the upcoming TMNT show by the Autumn Society, I did automatically think about doing a pin up of Miss April O’Neil. As much as I would like making that happen, and might just do one of these days, I kept thinking of what else I could do for this show. While snooping around the art mecca that is Art Supply Warehouse looking at canvases I thought that those little 8″ x 10″ oval canvases look like the perfect shell shape. Then it hit me, I grabbed 4 of them and started working on these guys. Hope you like them. Look out for these Heroes in the Half Shell starting June 3rd at the SHELL SHOCK show at Brave New World Comics in Philadelphia.


The Autumn Society & Gallery 1988 present 3B

It was going to be hard to top a show like last years’s 3G. ( Ghostbusters, Gremlins & Goonies ) As a fan of all 3 of those movies and a fan of Gallery 1988 this show was a blast and a real inspiration for me to crank out some art in the following year. So the second I heard about this years 3B show I got a little excited, not just because I’m a huge fan of Back to the Future, Bill & Ted’s and Beetlejuice, but because i knew i needed to be a part of this. Luckily The Autumn Society thought so too. I am so stoked to be a part of 3B. I really hope everyone gets out to Venice to check out the all the art that these people brought together. If you can’t wait until May 5th to check out a sneak peak of some of the artwork that will be on display, hop in you virtual DeLorean and/or phone booth and check out The Autumn Society‘s website.

As for my art in the 3B show, I went the pin up route. Why not, right? I hope you like them. The first one featured Jennifer, Marty’s girlfriend from the original Back to the Future. Not that I dislike Elizabeth Shue, but I just think the first one was hotter. I call this painting “Oh La La”.

The 2nd entry was for someone a little random but very memorable. It’s a diptych of our friend who was cut in half from what I have to assume was a magician’s saw trick gone bad. I call my Beetlejuice entry “Hack Job”.

And as for my “Bill & Ted’s” entry, I have this double pin up of the two princesses from the Renaissance period that Rufus brought back to our most excellent heroes. I was playing with the idea of what would life for these two hotties be like if they got to live in San Dimas in the 80’s. But the part about this painting that I had a really good time with just was the icons for each of the fellow time travelers along the boarder.

After checking out just some of the kick ass entries that the other artists have turned in, I am convinced this show will blow people away. Even more so if you kinda like these 3 flicks. And if you love these 3 flicks like I do, then it is certainly not to be missed. I’m really excited and proud to part of such a talented group. Thanks to those who let me be a part of it. See you in Venice!!!

For info on how to get there check out this link.