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My Oh My

Rat Trap is turning into being a big success. If you are in the hood this weekend, we will be open this Weekend, May 19 & 20, Saturday and Sunday, Noon until 5pm. As for my stuff, I had a collection of old and new in this show. I premiered 3 new pieces for this show, all of which I was pretty stoked to have in it. The first one was a painting of everyone’s favorite Cast Member, Maynard. The next was that Ghostbusters/Mansion mash up. And then there is this Gal, a pin up of one of the Park’s Tour Guides. Let’s call her Lily.  I’ve always seen them as the “school girls” of the Park, so it was a natural fit. Hopefully I’m not alone on that thought. I gave her some dorky Disney nerd tats and details that tied to the Park, basically had a lot of fun with it. It’s a mix of acrylic on canvas and graphic design for the text. I sold out of prints from the show of this piece but just reloaded. Let me know if you anyone is interested. $20 bucks each. You can email me or click here. Enjoy.

The Happiest Gallery on Earth

I am excited to officially announce that this May I’ll have some art pieces in a little art show “Rat Trap- The Happiest Gallery On Earth”. Just down the street from the original Magic Kingdom, will be almost a month long tribute/roast Art Gallery featuring original artwork by a group of about 20 artists, inspired by the world famous “Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland. This is a totally unofficial show and has no affiliation to the Walt Disney Company, stay tuned for more legal disclaimers as needed. I invite you to come down to the Downtown Anaheim’s very own Promenade Gallery starting May 12 to take a look at a collection of original paintings, sculpture and other pop art inspired by the House of Mouse. Many of us grew up around here under the shadow of the Matterhorn and have had some major influence from Walt’s “little park”. This is our way of having some fun with our love/hate relationship with the place. Look out for a big opening night reception, more info to come as we get closer to the show.