The Matterhoth

A. I’m a Star Wars nerd, a big one.
B. I’m a Disneyland nerd, an even bigger one.

This is what happens when the 2 collide, nonsense like this. Actually this was just a fun idea that came together. The secret goal behind this one is to have it be considered for The Disney Gallery or D Street in Downtown Disney. They have a good collection of film based original art, and lot’s of Star Wars inspired stuff. I was actually kind of surprised that the Hoth-Matterhorn/ Wampa-Yeti thing hasn’t been done yet. It just seemed like the perfect fit to me, and was a blast to paint. Anyway, wish me luck. Here’s hoping this painting can be a part of it. Stay tuned.

Comments (3)

  1. Sam,

    Really love this image.

  2. This is excellent! Thanks for sharing!

  3. sam

    My pleasure Robert, thanks for the feedback.

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