WonderCon 2014

How ’bout a little TBT two weeks ago at WonderCon in Anaheim, this was my first time doing any sort of solo Convention set up. Lately it’s been just with POPzilla, which is always fun. But it was nice to set up and focus on just my stuff. I got to meet and nerd out with a ton of new people, saw some old buddies, sold a good amount of prints and built a ton of awareness of our upcoming POPcade show. What was very cool was finally meeting people for the first time that I would chat with on Instagram on almost a daily basis. Also, a friend of mine, Scottie, mentioned I should offer commissions, turned out to be an awesome idea. I was cranking them out for what seemed to be nonstop all weekend. I will definitely be back next year. A few people asked if I would be at Comic Con, I told them for sure, but as a guest. I don’t think I can mentally handle 5 days of that. Plus I think I will save that San Diego con for the super bowl of all things nerd party that it is. Three days at WonderCon was pretty intense, but still totally worth it. Check out some pix from that weekend. And huge thanks to my beautiful wife for being such a trooper all weekend. If I got to meet you there, it was nice to meet ya. If not there is always next time, stop by and say hi.

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