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"Love Thy Neighborino"

First painting of 2009, I painted this with the hopes that I could get it in Gallery 1988 on Melrose in LA. They have the absolute coolest themed shows. First one I saw was the “Crazy For Cult part 2”, paintings based on Cult Cinema. Fucking A! Next show I saw there was “Under the Influence: Art of the Beastie Boys”. That’s when I found out that there was a show coming up in the Spring themed around Guilty Pleasure TV. Not that the Simpsons is a “guilty” pleasure, it’s just something that i watch religiously. I think something based on the Office will be good too, I might just be doing a Dwight painting in the near future. So all that led me to do this, why? because Ned Flanders might be the coolest guy of all time, minus all the hardcore Christian extremest bullshit of course, but isn’t that part of his charm? I thought something that looks like a Guadalupe religious painting would be good for the little guy, and then Rod & Todd as naked angel babies had to happen too, and capped off with a tribute to his long lost Maude. Anyway, here it is. Fun Stuff.

Let’s get it on!

Tryin something a little new here. Thinking about having this blog start to replace the Art website. After talking to Menze today at Jury Duty ( ugh! ) I’ve come to realize the website was distracting to the Art. I was trying to make the website itself part of the Art and it was just getting in the way. So here we go. Let’s give this shit a shot.