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There is no Dana, there is only Zuul

This is the 2nd in what might be a Triptic, Or Holy Trinity of Ghostbusters if you will. Not sure if I want to donate that much time to this movie at once. Don’t get me wrong, it’s in my top 5 favorite movies of all time, but I need to spread it out a little. Maybe someday I will come back and do one of Zuul herself, and one of the Demon Dogs. Lewis would be fun to do to. But anyway, here is Dana Barrett at the top of Spook Central. It would be fun to do a series of babes from movies in this style.

GALLERY UPDATE: talking to some people about having a show in Old Town Orange. At first I was thinking early fall 09. But the space might not be available then, so it may get moved up to August. Which is the main reason for me to be cranking so much work out lately. As long as work stays at a normal level and doesn’t get too nuts I can keep up this trend of a painting a week. I’ve been a real slave to the canvas lately…. so I got that going for me, which is nice.

Who You Gonna Call?


It’s been rough trying to find time to get some more canvas painted this year. May has been crazy busy. But I was able to crank this out this week. I actually started it in Feb and did the bottom half, but let it sit for a few months. Having the OC Fair around the corner will always set a fire under my ass. So this will hopefully be showing in the Visual Arts area of this years fair. I need to drop it off on June 19th.

So anyway, Ghostbusters, easily one of my favorite movies. Probably in my top 5 movies of all time. My goal was to give it a pop surrealism feel to it, I’m not sure if it’s as strong as I hoped. My other goal was to not make it feel like nerdy fan art. I’m not trying to say that it is not nerdy, it is VERY nerdy, but that’s why I wanted to paint it. But there are some dorks out there that crank out some really bad stuff based on their favorite nerd movie. We’ve all seen it, and I hope this is a couple steps above that type of art. It was fun to paint, I would like to do a series of paintings done in this style. Probably a Caddyshack, Back to the Future, etc. But this painting made me really want to do a 2nd Ghostbusters painting that just has a stylized “Dana” looking all possesed and sexy. Maybe Zule in the back, huh?