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The Autumn Society presents SHELL-SHOCK

I wanted to make sure everyone saw this brand new kick ass poster for the new Shell-Shock show. It was certainly worth the wait. What’s really cool about it is it’s a collaborative effort of a few talented Artists. Each with their own style put into it. Big Turtle kudos to Glen Brogan (Albino Ravin), Bobby O’herlihy, Edwin Vazquez, and of course Chogrin. I officially want to help out with a poster for a future show, just sayin. Even though on my piece I entered for Shell Shock had the different colors of each turtle to give it that Animated series vibe, I really like how for the poster they just did the old school red masks. If anything, maybe people will ask why they are all red and learn a little something about the bad ass works of Eastman and Laird. I’m putting my entry in the mail tomorrow, save travels my acrylic friends.

Raising Shell



At first when I heard about the upcoming TMNT show by the Autumn Society, I did automatically think about doing a pin up of Miss April O’Neil. As much as I would like making that happen, and might just do one of these days, I kept thinking of what else I could do for this show. While snooping around the art mecca that is Art Supply Warehouse looking at canvases I thought that those little 8″ x 10″ oval canvases look like the perfect shell shape. Then it hit me, I grabbed 4 of them and started working on these guys. Hope you like them. Look out for these Heroes in the Half Shell starting June 3rd at the SHELL SHOCK show at Brave New World Comics in Philadelphia.


3B coverage by Steve Czarnecki from

I just realized I didn’t put this video from on the site yet. It’s pretty outstanding.  Thanks again Steve, it was great meeting you.

Hey You Guuuyyyys!!!

Coming up early next month is the GOONIES themed art show, “This Is Our Time”, put on by Chogrin and the good people at The Autumn Society. This is also the 3rd show I have been lucky enough to be a part of with them. The 2nd one being the TMNT show that opens the day before in Philadelphia, but more on that later. As for a movie like the Goonies, over the past few years I have seen a ton of awesome art inspired from this movie. It’s great to see what scenes stick out to other artists and inspire them to pump out some amazing stuff. It has easily reached cult status and deserves all the recognition it receives. From the sound of it, this show will include a few favorites from years past that you may have seen before, and also a ton of newer pieces from Artists across the country. When combined, all of a sudden you have the best art tribute to the Goonies. Sloth would be proud.

I myself will not be able to attend this show, but I will be sending “Andy, You Goonie” and some prints up to Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria, Oregon for the big show. I can’t wait to see what other pieces end up in this Goonies show. Big thanks to Chogrin for inviting me to be a part of this one, exciting stuff. Stay tuned for more info on this show. I’ll be looking for some good coverage of the show and share it here come June 4th.

The 3B Show “It’s Showtime!”

May 5th at first seemed so far away, but it came and went. The whole night seemed like it was about 10 minutes long. Thanks to everyone who made the long haul up to Venice. Thanks to Oscar for grabbing the folks from to get me an interview. Thanks to Steve Czarnecki for hooking it up on the BTTF website. It was awesome to finally meet the curator Joseph, AKA Chogrin, thanks for letting me a part of 3B, I keep wondering what 3 movies could be done next year. I really hope to do more shows with him and the talented group at the Autumn Society. I got asked to be a part of their next show “Shell Shock”, in Philadelphia. It’s themed to the one and only TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. I’ve wanted to be in a Gallery 1988 show since I first checked it out at the 2nd Crazy For Cult on Melrose in 2008. I hope this is the first of many more shows like this for me. They always have the best collection of Pop Artists, each with their own style and vibe. I love everything about it. A truly, most excellent evening.