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Flight of the Conchords

Bret & Jermaine have been asking for it for a long time now. I hope I did them some justice. I still have no friggin’  idea why HBO thought the world didn’t want a 3rd season. Sure, the 2nd season wasn’t as strong as the 1st. However, I think season 2 had some of the better songs. Masterpieces like “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor” and “Carol Brown” are up there with my favorites. If for some weird reason you have never watched this show you can catch up on this site. Anyway, I love the Flight of the Conchords, and they are more than worthy for being in my arsenal of Pop crap. You like?

Gallery 1988 Crazy 4 Cult 5


Last Friday I was able to make it out to the opening night of Gallery 1988’s Crazy 4 Cult 5 in LA. First off I need to say that, no, sadly I did not have any art in this show. But I wanted to put this on my site because this show is one of the reasons why I do what i do. My first time experiencing this type of art was at Gallery 1988’s Crazy 4 Cult 2. It basically blew my mind, and it was everything I wanted to paint but didn’t have any motivation to do so. Then I see a collection like this, it instantly lit a fire under my ass to work on stuff that I enjoyed. Instant inspiration. It’s partly responsible for the rampage I have been on for the past few years. I get that it’s not for everybody, but for the few that see some art from a movie that they grew up with, love or quote on a daily basis it’s a real good time. I put up a few pix of some that really kicked my ass. Besides being just creative and funny, there is a real level of talent and expertise in some of these interpretations. If you have never been there, go check it out. This show runs until July 30th. Afterward you can wait 2 hours in line for a hot dog from Pinks across the street. Thanks to Jensen and Katie for having another kick ass show, always a highlight of the summer.

And just because it’s awesome, I thought I would plug their new book that just came out this weekend too. Of course I bought one. And if you dig this kind of stuff it is a must have.



Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with a good name for a painting. Not so much with this one. I kind of knew what it would be before I even started to paint it. It’s too ridiculous not to use. Anyway, if you are just joining us, this new painting of Cassandra from Wayne’s World is the 4th in a series I like to call “Sultry Sirens of the Silver Screen”. Take a gander at the pieces below to see what I am talking about. The Jennifer painting from Back to the Future got some good attention from being a part of the 3B show at Gallery 1988 in Venice, CA. And the  “Andy” painting was featured up in Astoria, Oregon as part of the Goonies show at Lunerboy. When this series started my idea was to get 12 of them and do a calendar. Well, only 8 to go i guess. So anyway, “Cassandra”, I am a fan of Tia Carrere.  That part “Ballroom Blitz” scene at the end of the first Wayne’s World always made me feel kind of funny, “like when you used to climb the rope in gym class”. I’m just not sure if she is worthy enough to be a part of this group of hot ladies from cult movies …NOT.

Hope you like this series, drop me a note below and let me know what you think.

Now sit back, relax and travel back to a time when Mike Myers was funny.