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Pretzels A La Seinfeld

Seinfeld- These Pretzels Are Making Me ThirtsyLike most people in the 90’s I watched Seinfeld religiously. And lately my nightly routine is to watch a double dose of it when I crawl into bed, it’s on here in SoCal every night at 10pm. Now when it comes to doing an art piece of Seinfeld, you could either do a collage with a ton of references, I decided to keep it simple (stupid), and pick one of my favorite lines from the show. And I there are a lot of good scenes to base something on, but I think this is the only one that has each of them say the same quote. Seemed to be the perfect scene. ¬†Anyway, here it is. Prints and Stretch Canvas available here. Enter “Vandelay” for 20% off until the end of September.


Breaking Bad “Walter White World”

I like Breaking Bad, a lot. And will need to find a way to turn on the TV once that last episode comes and goes. How the hell will it end? I have to assume it will be as intense as these last few episodes have been. This friggin show is addictive as blue crystal meth, I’ve heard. So anyway I know I needed to do a print in honor of the end of this ridiculously intense and addicting TV show. The piece started out as a spoof on the way they drew Walt Disney’s face on the old Disneyland/Walt Disney World maps, but from there turned into it’s own thing. Hope you dig it. Both prints and canvas available if this piece at 12″ x 16″ size. If you want something larger hit me up.

Breaking Bad "Walter White World"

3NES Brooklyn NY


This is a little late, but had to talk about a fabulous show I was a part of. On Friday Sept 6, the Bottleneck and Chogrin opened the doors to 3NES. It’s a show full of kick ass art based on Super Mario Bros, Zelda and Metroid. My contribution was a series based on a pin up babe in 3 different phases, one for each game. Anyway, there was a grip of talented people bringing their own style to the show, lot’s of good coverage too. Still time to go check it out if you’re in NY, show runs until Sept 22. Here’s a link all the pieces for sale. As of now, the Super Mario Bros piece has been sold, but the other two are still available.

Big thanks to Bottleneck for allowing my stuff to hang in a NY gallery for the first time. And grande gracias to Chogrin for letting me be a part of another rad show.

Miss Zebes