Disney 100 Walt & Mickey art

To commemorate the Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary, I wanted to design something that was a tribute to the man himself. I visualized a piece that had him and his pal Mickey looking ahead at this amazing thing he created. The piece started off as just the left side of the piece for a tumbler, but I was asked what an extended version of this would look like for the popcorn bucket.

Of course he would be looking at his dream of Disneyland. And I was excited to showcase things for the parks 68 years, all the way up to Runaway Railway.  Some other special details in here is Walt’s train in his backyard. I wanted it to look like it was the train at the park, but upon closer inspection you would see his silhouette riding the train car. Carthay is there for both DCA and the premiere of Snow White, and the iconic Disney Studios directional signage from Burbank. And of course the Griffith Park Carousel Horses and park bench that gave him the idea for Disneyland, or as the legend goes. Another hidden thing in here that is worth mentioning is the Fun Wheel in Pixar Pier, I used some artistic license to give it a hint of the Pixar Ball. 

This entire project was one of the most meaningful things I have ever done in my career, I hope you enjoyed the yummy stuff that was inside of it while visiting Walt’s little park.