Introducing the ART of the EXPERIENCE Podcast

I’ve been talking about this for a long, long time. And finally recorded and premiered my very first video podcast.

I kept thinking about what my podcast would be about. I would want to make mine different from all the others, and at the same time, make it so that I would keep my interest to want to do a podcast over and over.

Then it hit me, I want to have a show that focuses on the creative minds that create these theme park experiences that we all love, and find out what makes them tick. I want to speak with people of all kinds of the Arts, not just painters, but the technicians, musicians, actors, dancers, everyone involved really.

When I was lucky enough to work at Disneyland in the big yellow building (TDA), I had seven-plus years of meetings with the very best in the business. There is so much talent that went into making all that magic in the park.

There are a billion stories to be told there, and there is nothing more in the world I enjoy talking about than the stories of what it took to bring something to life. Then the dialog that’s created from someone listening whoo might have experienced is as a guest.

And of course, I also want to focus on the artwork that was created to help move the new ideas forward, that alone is my ultimate passion, always has been.

Moving forward, expect some deep dives into some of our favorite art pieces. This brings me to my first episode, where I sit down with my friend Kristen Carr AKA @TheHappiestClubOnEarth from the weekly podcast Mousetalgia as we nerd out and try to digest the new potential Disneyland expansion plans entitled “Disneyland Forward”.

In future episodes of the “Art of the Experience” show, I’m hoping to expand the show outside of the Happiest Place On Earth and talk to my creative friends from WDI, Knotts, Thinkwell, Queen Mary, Winchester Mystery House, Great America, etc. I also have my eye on some folks from the film industry, so as you can see the possibilities are endless.

I hope you take a listen or a watch and come back to listen for more. Thanks for checking it out, be gentle, I’m new at this thing. šŸ˜‰

Art of The Experience #1 – ART of the EXPERIENCE – Episode 1 “Disneyland Forward” with Kristen Carr