Knott’s Scary Farm Art Show

Last year, Knott’s Scary Farm premiered a brand new scare zone called the “Gore-ing 20s”. It was the perfect blend of a good spooky story/theming and throwback goodness to a long gone former land of Knotts, the “Roaring 20’s”. It was also my favorite thing out of Scary Farm in a long time. Right next to eating in a fogged up Ghost Town Grill. I spent most of the time soaking up this deathly take on the Roaring 20s area and enjoying the live music and undead  flapper girls & gangsters doing the Charleston. I knew that if I was invited back to be in the show, the next piece will be based on it. It’s so good, I really hope they have a maze to go along with it next year. Perfect spot for it in the Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars

Luckily for me I’m back in this year’s art show “Into the Fog” and with what is turning into being a series, coffin shaped frames. If I am lucky enough to be in next year’s show I already have an idea for next year’s coffin. Let’s just say it will have popcorn lights and need to be plugged into the wall. 

Thanks to everyone at Knotts especially Eric, Pasta and Brandon for putting on such a great show, and thanks to all the artists who brought their best stuff. Honored to be in it with you. 


So I mentioned this was a continuation of my first piece in the show last year. Which focused on the heart and soul of Knott’s Scary Farm, Ghost Town. I’ve never had to cut my own frame before and these angles were quite the challenge, but it may be a new favorite thing of mine to make. I foresee some more custom shaped frames for me in the future. Print’s available of this piece are now available in my store. This year’s art will be available after the show closes.