Garner Holt

Grizzly Peak Show Scene Enhancements

A few years ago, Carter Creative had a meeting with our talented friends at Garner Holt, one of the best animatronic producers for theme parks out there.

Part of the discussion led to us to a creative exercise where we depicted with a quick sketch in the storyboard style of a ride vehicle going past a show scene from an attraction. In this hypothetical study, we chose the Grizzly Peak raft attraction combined with a new show scene featuring Big Al, everyone’s favorite bear from the now-retired Disneyland Country Bear Jamboree.

This piece of concept art was simply created to demonstrate our style of something done quickly to communicate the look and feel of a potentially proposed project. And we use it now to offer another service in our utility built. Not every project needs a fully rendered, photo-realistic piece of art.

Sometimes design projects start with something more loose and fluid, especially because if it is used in a storyboard type of large collection to show the various scenes in an attraction.