Los ANgeles
Memorial Coliseum


In close partnership with the iconic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Nederlander, we created a series of photorealistic renderings to create a brand new entertainment venue with close proximity to Downtown Los Angeles to present to the City and County of Los Angeles, as well as the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission.

This venue is a California historic building and that brings in a whole lot more sensitivity to any changes or proposals. Our visuals help move this project along through approvals. The concert industry has changed over the decades, even though concerts at large venues like the LAMC can seat up to 90,000 people, these days artists can’t pull in those types of numbers.

And with the Coliseum being known to seat so many people, the strategy of our visuals was to show that with this new Amphitheatre, we were able to custom size the amount of guests to a more intimate 10,000 to 15,000 people.