Tournament of Roses

Sip & Savor

For the very first time ever in its history, the Tournament of Roses had it’s very own food and wine festival. Alongside a dream team of creatives and planners at AES and the To’Day Group, Carter Creative was asked to provide its own expertise with event planning, concept art, and branding visuals to bring the first annual Sip & Savor Festival to life.

This was a one of a kind event where guests can eat, drink, and celebrate the spirit of SoCal food and the legacy of the Tournament of Roses. We strategized on how to make this event more special and different than all the other food & wine events in the country.

For us, it was all about celebrating Pasadena, and of course the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game. Sip & Savor was perfectly nestled in a field practically just in the shadow of the legendary Rose Bowl Stadium.

In addition to the food, wine, and live music, our new event gave access to a nearby float warehouse where guests can get a sneak peek of several floats getting its final touches of decor. It was an honor to be a part of an inaugural event that we know will be a new tradition for years to come.