Springfield USA


Back when a Springfield themed area was being designed around the Simpsons attraction at Universal Studios Florida and Hollywood, Universal Creative partnered with Rhetroactive to help bring this to life.

Our partners at Rhetroactive happened to know Carter Creative has expert knowledge of all things “Simpsons” and Sam, our CCO had been a die-hard fan since the very beginning. 

We were brought on for creative brainstorming and collaboration on appropriately themed logistics for both the Florida and Hollywood new lands.

Carter Creative was tasked with designing the iconic BumbleBee Man Taco Truck for  Springfield.

This started out as being based on being built out of the “Channel Ocho” news truck, which explains the shape. Then it slowly evolved into what you can now see in the land.

Klub Krusty

Over in the Hollywood park side, open land was at a premium, we had to be smarter with the square footage. The “Krusty Burger” needed to be two stories as opposed to the one-story building in Florida.

Carter Creative provided pitch boards that explained how to make that work into the overarching story. Our deep knowledge of the show let us know what kind of character Krusty the Clown is. Naturally, if he was to have a second story on one of his fast-food restaurants, there is a good chance it would be a private club, Klub Krusty to be exact. 

This is exactly what what we designed, it was done in a spoof style of Club 33, which when you think about it, is as “Simpsons” as it gets.