Winchester Mystery House


Partnering with the Winchester Mystery House was a dream come true. Especially for their brand new walk through special effects horror experience that premiered in Fall 2019.

When we were approached to assist with the new event, we were tasked with creating the branding visuals and logo that had to be not only memorable, but strategic. We needed the new logo to communicate that this was unlike anything the iconic house in San Jose, California has ever done before.

Sure, they have had spooky events in the past but after listening to their fans they decided to bump up the horror elements.

When designing a strong and effective logo that could last, since the event was still in the planning stages we had the opportunity to partner with the creative team to ensure that the visuals provided actually tied to the whole story itself. In this case the keyhole was relevant to our story.

Otherwise, there would be a disconnect when creating the best experiences, and to avoid anything feeling “mom & pops” it’s vital that every element feel cohesive.

Our team also needed to keep in mind every potential use of the word-mark, such as banners, collateral, and merchandise.    

Speaking of anticipating all potential uses of a newly created logo, in addition to branding the new walkthrough experience itself, we partnered with Paintscaping on an amazing multimedia projection mapping show on the building itself that featured our new word-mark.

Proof you need the design to be able to be clear and legible on almost anything. Even something unexpected like the side of the Winchester Mystery House itself.

"Unhinged" - Winchester Mystery House Projection Display (video)