Walt Disney World Resort Mugs


This one was something extra special, and not just because it was a part of the 50th. In the past whenever you saw a Resort mug at World Disney World, it usually had a few Resorts represented on it. My goal with this one was to give some sort of nod to every Resort on property. Or at least as many as possible. With the proposed sketch I first wanted to throw out the realistic map layout of the WDW Resort, so I grouped the 4 park icons almost as if they were an isolated island. That allowed for a loose placement around them of the various Resorts. It was important to me not just to get as many, but represent all the different levels of Resorts, from the most deluxe to the ones with the most value. It was also a goal of mine to try to capture every mode of transportation on property. So you might notice you will find the Monorail, Ferries, Bus and my new favorite, the Skyliner. The exaggerated style was continued in this art from the new Mickey Mouse animated shorts. Which is featured in one of the newest attractions at WDW, “Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway”.