Pretzels A La Seinfeld

Seinfeld- These Pretzels Are Making Me ThirtsyLike most people in the 90’s I watched Seinfeld religiously. And lately my nightly routine is to watch a double dose of it when I crawl into bed, it’s on here in SoCal every night at 10pm. Now when it comes to doing an art piece of Seinfeld, you could either do a collage with a ton of references, I decided to keep it simple (stupid), and pick one of my favorite lines from the show. And I there are a lot of good scenes to base something on, but I think this is the only one that has each of them say the same quote. Seemed to be the perfect scene. ¬†Anyway, here it is. Prints and Stretch Canvas available here. Enter “Vandelay” for 20% off until the end of September.


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