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“Oh La La, OH LA LA??”

What we have here is more than a crotch shot in purple Calvin Kleins. It’s the start of what I hope to be a series of babes from nerd movies. Starting with Jennifer from Back to the Future, this one also features a handful of visuals from the movie. I modeled it after the actress Claudia Wells from the first movie. Nothing against Elizabeth Shoe, she’s great and all but I think all nerds know that the girlfriend from the first movie is way hotter. I wasn’t really going for a photo realistic painting of her though, it’s not my thing to do portraits of people. But I did want a bit of her likeness. Just enough for when you see it, then notice what’s around it, you get it. My goal was to make a modern pin up stylized painting of that character, and surround her in the nerdy world of BTTF. I made sure to put things from all 3 movies in here. This would be my idea of Marty McFly’s room, as if Marty just left. It is 10:04pm after all, he has a Clock Tower to race to.

Part of what got me thinking of this series was some inspiration from this year’s Comic Con. Ideally it would be great to get twelve different paintings like this and offer a Calender to sell there. Or even just reproductions of each. I think that if there was ever a market for this type of art, that would be the place. So anyway, stay tuned for more of this type of work. My next one like this will most likely be Mia Sara from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. Ferris definitely has the iconic room to pull it off.

Here are some other characters I’d like to give this treatment. Can anyone think of any others? ( Leia is too obvious, I left her off )
Phebe Cates from Fast Times
Elizabeth Swan from Pirates
Casandra from Wayne’s World
Jessica Alba from Sin City
Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman
Christie Brinkley from Vacation
Elizabeth Berkly from Showgirls or/and Saved by the Bell

Fun Stuff.


  1. Saved by the bell fo sho'. Not Showgirls.

    Andy from Goonies.
    Jennifer Connelly from Labyrinth
    Liv Tyler LOTR
    Lilu from Fifth Element
    Maybe a Christine Taylor mashup from all her Ben Stiller flicks? (or other equivalent)

  2. Those are great ideas Davey, F'n A. Each one would be perfect. My buddy Erik just mentioned the chicks from Weird Science and Top Gun.

  3. here are a few of my early 90's favorites:

    Robyn Lively from Teen Witch
    Molly Ringwald from Sixteen Candles
    Daphne Zuniga from Spaceballs
    Kim Cattrall from Mannequin
    Ami Dolenz from She's out of Control

    I hope i've giving a few more ideas honey 🙂

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