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This is a little late, but had to talk about a fabulous show I was a part of. On Friday Sept 6, the Bottleneck and Chogrin opened the doors to 3NES. It’s a show full of kick ass art based on Super Mario Bros, Zelda and Metroid. My contribution was a series based on a pin up babe in 3 different phases, one for each game. Anyway, there was a grip of talented people bringing their own style to the show, lot’s of good coverage too. Still time to go check it out if you’re in NY, show runs until Sept 22. Here’s a link all the pieces for sale. As of now, the Super Mario Bros piece has been sold, but the other two are still available.

Big thanks to Bottleneck for allowing my stuff to hang in a NY gallery for the first time. And grande gracias to Chogrin for letting me be a part of another rad show.

Miss Zebes

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