Out A Time

Back to the Future

Serious Shit.

It’s pretty much a nerd requirement to be into Back to the Future. I never got to see the first one in the theaters, but fell in love with it on the ol’ VCR. And by the time part II and III came out I was certifiably obsessed with the Trilogy. I seem to recall a lot of haters of the 2nd one, complainers thinking it was too confusing. Lame. And some knuckleheads even hated on all the cowboy stuff. I for one LOVE part II and even III. And the way the last movie ends gave it the perfect ending. Mostly because of little Vern being dirty, I mean seriously, have you seen that?? I highly recommend you Google that now. And yes, I admit i never saw it until the YouTube thing pointed it out.

But i digress, I chose this scene to paint because it’s what started it all in Twin/Lone Pines Mall parking lot. BTTF rocks, plain and simple, and I can’t wait to see what they do in 2015 to celebrate. Probably set the Universal Hill Valley set on fire again.

And just for the record Claudia Wells>Elisabeth Shue. Fact.


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