and THAT is what happens when SHE dies. It’s all very personal.




Yea, I said it. This may be a little random for some, but if you have seen Beetlejuice in the past couple of decades, you may remember that babe sitting on the couch waiting politely for her turn to talk to her afterlife case worker. Here is a pin up styled painting of our nameless friend. My guess she is a magicians assistant and the ol’ saw trick didn’t go as planned. Of course she doesn’t dress this skanky for her show, but I took some liberties with her outfit. But it was Stolle’s idea to make it on 2 canvases. Thanks for that, it kinda made the piece for me. And in case you don’t know there is an awesome art show coming up in May at Gallery 1988 Venice. The 3B show. ( Back to the Future, Beetlejuice & Bill & Ted’s ) But more on that later.




  1. GeNiuS! Dude, I’ve always been a fan of your art. You are seriously brilliant.

  2. So cool. I’m fan of the movie and I remember the chic. Great work on this piece. I dig it. That chic totally has attitude and boobs like in the movie. Nice!

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