Golden Girls

The Birth of Zbornak

No Ladies, THANK YOU for being a friend.

It only took me a few years to decide how I wanted to do a painting based on the Golden Girls. It’s easily one of the best TV shows of all time. Hard to think of another show as well written as it. But I needed the right way to do this painting, I didn’t want to just spit out anything. I couldn’t decide which way to go at it. Just a portrait or a collage would be too easy. And then it hit me to do the “Birth of Venus” painting and give it a little twist with the girls from Miami. People have asked why I decided to put Dorothy as the main focus, because she is the SHIT. I love them all but she takes the most crap out of all four of those ladies and always has the best zinger to throw back at them. Dorothy Zbornak is my favorite Golden Girl. The poor lady has been compared to a man her entire life and I felt it was time she got her time in the spot light. And the rest just fell into place.

Hope you enjoy Blanch, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia, if not I will send you off to Shady Pines, Ma.


  1. OK…Love this one more! Worked with "Dorothy" when she hosted Circus of the Stars…remember that holiday fiasco! She asked to borrow one of my cigs outside the soundstage (when I used to smoke) so I shared a smoke with Bea! Loved her!

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