New Beginnings: DCA 2.0


Taking a break from painting 80’s movies that i am obsessed with quoting, I found some time to work on a piece based on the rebirth of Disney California Adventure. Obviously World of Color, Mermaid, and Carsland are/will be amazing, but one of the things I am really looking forward to is Carthay Circle Theatre and Buena Vista Street. I think it will be a real Icon for the Park, something that DCA 1.0 was lacking.  This painting shows Mickey and his long lost friend Oswald checking out the new Park in front of a replica of the Theater where Walt premiered “Snow White” in 1937. I’m going to assume you may not know the story of Oswald, it’s a pretty cool story. The quick version is Walt created Oswald before Mickey, but lost the rights to him. 80-some year’s later the Company bought back the rights. They haven’t really done too much with him yet, a couple of T-Shirts maybe. Since the new entrance to the Park is based on this time in Walt’s life, what better dynamic duo is there for Buena Vista Street? I definitely think all of DCA’s extreme makeover stretchmarks will be worth the wait. Turns out construction walls are your friend.


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