New Beginnings: DCA 2.0


Taking a break from painting 80’s movies that i am obsessed with quoting, I found some time to work on a piece based on the rebirth of Disney California Adventure. Obviously World of Color, Mermaid, and Carsland are/will be amazing, but one of the things I am really looking forward to is Carthay Circle Theatre and Buena Vista Street. I think it will be a real Icon for the Park, something that DCA 1.0 was lacking.  This painting shows Mickey and his long lost friend Oswald checking out the new Park in front of a replica of the Theater where Walt premiered “Snow White” in 1937. I’m going to assume you may not know the story of Oswald, it’s a pretty cool story. The quick version is Walt created Oswald before Mickey, but lost the rights to him. 80-some year’s later the Company bought back the rights. They haven’t really done too much with him yet, a couple of T-Shirts maybe. Since the new entrance to the Park is based on this time in Walt’s life, what better dynamic duo is there for Buena Vista Street? I definitely think all of DCA’s extreme makeover stretchmarks will be worth the wait. Turns out construction walls are your friend.


  1. This is awesome. The colors are beautiful. Even the gradient in the street is nice. Can I commission you to do a Disney Cruise line one next? 🙂

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