The E.L.B. Limited

Here is my second piece for the SteamPOP show opening tonight. This one is not as obvious, unless you are a Back To The Future nerd like I am. This is the train featured at the end of the BTTF trilogy. It’s always been such a cool design that has caught my attention. Even just seeing the prop train on display at Universal Studios Orlando made my trips to Florida. That AND the Golden Girls house at Disney MGM Studios, but that’s a different obsession. At that scene when Doc rides in from who knows what year with this Jules Verne-like train, he says one of the coolest quotes. Yea, it’s a little cheesy, but I love it.

You can buy it…


  1. Sam, I love The E.L.B. Limited. What did you draw that in? I hear you’re on your Bachelor Party Weekend. Do do what I wouldn’t do and I hope everything is going well with you.


  2. Please let me know if you decide to sell prints of this piece — I’d love to get one for my son’s room. He loves trains and I love Back to the Future!

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