Exit Stage Left, Even!

“Heavens to Murgatroyd!” It’s a bust at a local highway rest area. This is where we find our friend Snagglepuss, we all knew he had a problem. I just wish that the Hanna Barbera gang had that intervention they had been talking about for years now. It’s a real shame…. “even”.

This is number two in what I plan to be four paintings based on these guys. The remaining victims will most likely be QuickDraw McGraw and Baba Louie at the local TJ Donkey Show and maybe Auggie Doggie & Daddy Doggie in court for some “sensitive family problems”. I don’t know if even I have the balls for that one. It might just be a series of three. We shall see. It may depend on the feedback from these guys if i should push it any further. Fun stuff as always, enjoy!

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