John Hughes Silhouettes

Excited to add another 8 silhouettes to the collection. This time inspired from another one of my favorite film makers John Hughes. What’s cool about this set is that I think most people don’t realize some of their favorite movies are his. I’ve had some friends be surprised that films like National Lampoon’s Vacation and Planes Trains & Automobiles are from the mind of John Hughes. Both which are up there with my all time favorites. But then I had to have his most famous iconic classics too like Ferris Bueller, Breakfast Club & Pretty In Pink. And similar to Tim Burton, and how he has his regulars, Hughes has his famous “go to”s as well with Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall. SO I couldn’t leave them out either. Anyway, fun stuff. Hope you like the series, and I hope to see you at the “SAVE FERRIS” – John Hughes Tribute show August 13 at POP! Comics in Anaheim.

SamCarterArt_Buck SamCarterArt_Kevin SamCarterArt_Neil SamCarterArt_Gary SamCarterArt_Ferris SamCarterArt_Claire SamCarterArt_Duckie SamCarterArt_Clark

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