One Shell of a Show

Last weekend the Autumn Society opened their much anticipated show, SHELL SHOCK, at the Gallery at Brave New Worlds Comics in Philadelphia. The bad news is I couldn’t make it out there, but the good news is there has been a lot of good pictures and some great coverage for this show. Not many art shows could handle the awesomeness of having the TMNT Van show up, props to Brittney Schneck. Thanks to the real heroes in the half shell Chogrin, the good people at Brave New World, and the Autumn Society for putting this show together. For this one I didn’t send any prints along with the original to sell. But if anyone wants a print of my Shell Shock entry “Raising Shell” I’m selling them here on my site for $20, plus shipping. The print has all 4 Shells on a 13″ x 17″ image. Email me if you are interested.

Photos by Chogrin Munoz, Matt Cavanaugh and Philip Michael.

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