Pretzels A La Seinfeld

Seinfeld- These Pretzels Are Making Me ThirtsyLike most people in the 90’s I watched Seinfeld religiously. And lately my nightly routine is to watch a double dose of it when I crawl into bed, it’s on here in SoCal every night at 10pm. Now when it comes to doing an art piece of Seinfeld, you could either do a collage with a ton of references, I decided to keep it simple (stupid), and pick one of my favorite lines from the show. And I there are a lot of good scenes to base something on, but I think this is the only one that has each of them say the same quote. Seemed to be the perfect scene.  Anyway, here it is. Prints and Stretch Canvas available here. Enter “Vandelay” for 20% off until the end of September.


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