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  1. Becky

    What about the black dude? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sammy4

    ummm "he's driving the Ecto 1"

  3. Davey

    Saved by the bell fo sho'. Not Showgirls.

    Andy from Goonies.
    Jennifer Connelly from Labyrinth
    Liv Tyler LOTR
    Lilu from Fifth Element
    Maybe a Christine Taylor mashup from all her Ben Stiller flicks? (or other equivalent)

  4. Sammy4

    Those are great ideas Davey, F'n A. Each one would be perfect. My buddy Erik just mentioned the chicks from Weird Science and Top Gun.

  5. Myline106

    here are a few of my early 90's favorites:

    Robyn Lively from Teen Witch
    Molly Ringwald from Sixteen Candles
    Daphne Zuniga from Spaceballs
    Kim Cattrall from Mannequin
    Ami Dolenz from She's out of Control

    I hope i've giving a few more ideas honey ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Art Sindlinger

    Good stuff. One of my favorite quotes, too.

  7. Becky

    1. I LOVE that you gave Martin Short "Barney eyes" (as in Barney Rubble). Hilarious!

    2. It is eerie how much that looks like Chevy Chase. NICE work!


  8. Kali

    Love the subtleties, Sam! Great work!!!

  9. dreamsphoto

    I was lead here by Neatorama, and was wondering if there was a way to get a print of this?

  10. deadmama30

    As a ginourmous fan of the Girls, i say kudos to you! I love this and would also like to know where I can get a print!

  11. Tracey

    I LOVE this painting and want to hang it in my home. I look forward to a show where paintings may be purchased (?). Sam Carter is an amazing artist!

  12. Karnblack

    Awesome! Keep it up, and let me know when your show happens.

  13. kali-chung

    That is HILARIOUS. Love it, Sam!!!

  14. Petlac

    OK…Love this one more! Worked with "Dorothy" when she hosted Circus of the Stars…remember that holiday fiasco! She asked to borrow one of my cigs outside the soundstage (when I used to smoke) so I shared a smoke with Bea! Loved her!

  15. Oscar

    Dude this is awesome. You should totally sell your art online, directly. You have the largest gallery in the world at your fingertips ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. I am dying! That Verne thing? WTF indeed!

  17. This is awesome. The colors are beautiful. Even the gradient in the street is nice. Can I commission you to do a Disney Cruise line one next? ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. sam

    Thanks Katie, you rock. Let’s talk ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. J9

    Amazing. Love the symbolism behind the whole thing. Walt would be proud :0)

  20. BobbY

    Love all the CoLor in this one!! Def one of my fav0rites…

  21. Dude! this is one of my favorites so far. I think the color and perspective are just awesome. Way to go man.

  22. Janine Pettyjohn

    GeNiuS! Dude, I’ve always been a fan of your art. You are seriously brilliant.

  23. So cool. I’m fan of the movie and I remember the chic. Great work on this piece. I dig it. That chic totally has attitude and boobs like in the movie. Nice!

  24. Lindsey Share

    Loved the show Sam! You definitely needed to be a part of it. Congrats on the Philly invite! Do I suspect an April O’Neil pin up to arrive shortly?

  25. Ron ONeal

    Will you be selling this as a poster soon?

  26. sam

    I am so glad you and Dave came. And even cooler that you brought some friends. We all need to hang out more. And about TMNT, funny you said that about April. That was the first thing that came to mind too but I switched gears and am doing something a wee bit different. Stay tuned!

  27. Dude these came out so great. I tried to picture them in my head when you described them but these look 100x better than I would have imagined. Can’t wait to see them on the show.

  28. Richard Remppel

    Stumbled upon this poster on line. I live in LA and am going to both shows this weekend……..just saw them in Seattle 2 weeks ago. How do I get a poster. It’s awesome!!!

  29. Ed

    I would love to know how to get one of these

  30. Michelle

    Correction: your first gf is STILL equally obsessed. How can I get a print??

  31. Michelle

    If she were a president, she’d be called Baberham Lincoln

  32. Janine Pettyjohn

    I absolutely love it!

  33. sam

    Muchas Gracias J9!!

  34. Aurea

    Love it! Ever consider doing a series piece on the Beatles? You could use canvases the size of record albums and depict images exaggerating the journey of their music styles. Or maybe even just their influence on pop culture! It could be your representation of a “Beatles Anthology”. My mind is spinning with all things you could do!

  35. Elena

    What is the name of the painting in the background? Or the artist?

  36. sam

    Hi Elena, Quick answer is I don’t know. But funny you should ask. The painting is from the sketch set on SNL. I wanted to throw a little tribute to the show that started it all.

    • Elena

      Totally picked up and that. Thought i would ask…it’s been bugging me for a while! Nice details.

      • sam

        Ahh gotcha. Ya. It’s a weird painting for sure. I always thought they looked like alien chicks or something. if you ever find out, let me know!

        Thanks for checking out the site.

  37. Reyna

    This is AWESOME!!!

    I attended one of the shows, so it’s even more meaningful!
    Great stuff!!
    Are you still selling prints. If so, how much?

  38. admerwill

    Cant Figure out any of the movies for the third row…

  39. Tim

    …and yet no Christopher Lloyd in “To Be or Not To Be”… wonder why that would be?

  40. Laura

    I was at both shows. I came all the way from New Jersey. I want one of the posters.

  41. Darren Orange

    Where can I get a print of this?

  42. Bob Maske

    Sam, I love The E.L.B. Limited. What did you draw that in? I hear you’re on your Bachelor Party Weekend. Do do what I wouldn’t do and I hope everything is going well with you.


  43. Brian Larson

    Please let me know if you decide to sell prints of this piece รขโ‚ฌโ€ร‚ย I’d love to get one for my son’s room. He loves trains and I love Back to the Future!

  44. Bruce

    Love it so far! Suggestions for more:

    Buzz & Woody
    Timon & Pumba
    Han & Chewie
    Billy & Gizmo
    Penn & Teller
    Simon & Garfunkle
    Will & Carlton
    Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan (Rush Hour)
    Orgazmo & Choda Boy

  45. sam

    Thx Bruce! I had a few of those on deck throughout this process. Really tough to narrow it down. I bet we will see those added to the collection some day.

  46. Bruce

    A few more:

    Marlin & Dori (Finding Nemo)
    Pinnochio & Jiminey Cricket
    Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
    J & K (Men in Black)
    Mike & Marcus (Bad Boys)
    Dorothy & Toto
    Doc & Sprocket (Fraggle Rock)
    Bo & Luke Duke
    Shrek & Donkey
    Forrest Gump & Bubba (or Forrest & Lieutenant Dan)
    Sam & Frodo
    Pintel & Ragetti (Pirates of the Caribeean)

  47. Tracey Raffoul

    What a great turnout! Sam is so very talented! I hope everything sells!

  48. Ashling

    Hey Sam,
    It’s Ashling, I’m the sketch artist at the wonderground gallery. Just wanted to say it was great to meet you and talk about art! Hope I see more of your pieces in the gallery soon!!

  49. Chris

    So glad Bret and Jemaine was in here!

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  51. ClaireBlue

    Who is the character with he blue cap and halo and wings?

  52. Tony

    Im looking to make a banner for a golf outing and want to use this image. Can I? And do you have the file in a large pixel size for printing a large banner? Thx

  53. Chris LaForge

    Hi Sam….Could you please shoot me an email? I have a question about this piece…thank you and great work!!

  54. LesLee

    I wanted to use the lunchlady pic on a t-shirt. How do I get permission to use it?

  55. rich

    where can I get that art work ???