“By the power of GaySkull, …I have the power!!”

Fun times with this one, it’s been something I wanted to paint for a few months and finally cranked it out. I just thought it would be cool to see two icons from opposite sides of the little kid toy world spectrum come together. Masters of the Universe meets My Little Pony. Why not?

It was a real trip to really study the He-Man figure features for this painting. I pretty much had the entire collection of MOTU as a kid, total flashback for me. It was crazy how something you haven’t seen for 25 years could be so familiar, every detail. I forgot how squished up his ugly face was. As for the Pony, I didn’t really follow that show/toys as a kid in the 80’s. I wasn’t sure if there was a main Character that I should use, but it doesn’t matter. I know the young ladies LOVED them for some reason, I think I found a good Pony for our Hero.

If you played with Masters of the Universe as a kid like I did, take a look at this website I found. It totally calls out the makers of reusing molds for the other figures. Pretty funny.

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